Sunday, April 26, 2009

Have a double rose of sharon tree, want to start another tree off this one, but I dont know how?

There are no shoots on these rose of sharon trees

Have a double rose of sharon tree, want to start another tree off this one, but I dont know how?
I have never in my life seen anything so easy to propagate.I have taken cuttings and just pushed them into my garden soil and they grow. I have planted two hundred seeds and all of them sprouted. I have made people mad because I keep giving them to them and they have to dig holes to plant them.
Reply:you can take a cutting off of fresh new growth and ust rooting powder(you can get that at your garden center) after you cut that off put it in water quickly, before dipping it in rooting powder have a pot with damp soil (must be soft) have a hole in soil, a pencil works well, dip end and put in pot keep damp and in a shady place.......
Reply:don't worry they reproduce out of control
Reply:Your Rose of Sharon tree will produce seeds and all of them will sprout. In 2 years you'll have so many trees you won't know what to do with them.
Reply:Rose of Sharon is very easy to propogate... I'm surprised you don't have a bunch of babies already. But if you don't, you should be able to cut a piece off, stick the end in some rooting hormone, stick it in dirt, keep it moist and in a couple weeks it should have roots. Or if you have a branch you can bend to the ground, you can do that, so that it touches the soil, place a rock on it to keep it in place and it will root to the soil it's touching in some time. I had someone yank a baby rose of sharon out of the ground, I took it home (eventually) and then it sat in a bucket with very little water (sometimes none), until I finally got it in the ground by the next week and it's growing very comfortably in my garden right now. I don't mean to be mean, but I am very busy... I don't baby too much so if it's gonna stay in my garden it has to be hardy. This baby is hardy!
Reply:In most cases, you can graft a branch in soaking soak with plenty of light. Be sure to pack the soil heavy since Rose of Sharon requires a moderate temperature and heavy root penetration.

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